To Organizations, Board Members and Coaches

As you are aware, our BATB tournament is scheduled for June 10 & 11, 2022.  We have had some concerns raised regarding our Overage Rule.

We have had some teams choose to register in the BATB while ignoring our new rule (set out by Alberta Basketball and sanctioning guidelines). After a few discussions with Alberta Basketball, the LMBA Board has met and deliberated this topic.  We have decided that for the BATB 2022 we will relax our Overage Rule for the year of 2022 only!

For the BATB 2022, we will allow 1 overaged player on the court at a time.  Referees will have a pregame meeting with both coaches before the start of each game to identity what players are overaged.  If more than 1 overaged player is on the floor at the same time, a Bench Technical will be given to that team.  One of the overaged players must sub out at that time.  The opposing team will shoot one free throw and retain possession of the ball. 

Please take this letter as notification that as of next year 2023, LMBA will be fully implementing the NO OVERAGE RULE.

Starting 2023, Teams who choose to register for our LMBA tournaments with overaged players, will be refunded their registration fee and removed from the tournament.  If a team falsifies their roster and cannot provide proof of age during their game, they will forfeit their game and be removed from the remainder of the scheduled games.

It is imperative to understand that since LMBA is sanctioned with Alberta Basketball, this is a Provincial governing body’s decision that we will abide by.