**Coaches please provide your own warm up basketballs
**One team please provide a game basketball
**Home team is listed first. Away second.  LMBA Lethbridge Express will be Home.  

Modified FIBA Rules will be played. Modifications are as follows:

  • Timeouts one per quarter and one in overtime
  • As the LMBA focus is on development all players must see meaningful minutes on the floor. All players should play once per half for a meaningful amount of time.
  • U13/ U15 divisions will consist of 4 quarters of 8 mins length, with regular stop time.  IF GAMES ARE AHEAD time can be extended to 10 mins at the discretion of the Ref. Shortened if needed.
  • Overtime will be decided by the first team to reach 4 points during the overtime period or the team leading after 2 minutes running time, whichever comes first. Second overtime, the first team to score wins.
  • Warm-up will be at least 5 mins. Half time will be 5 mins with one minute between quarters. We will try to keep all games running on time


  • Overage players are not permitted. This is an Alberta Basketball guideline and as an Alberta Basketball sanctioned organization, LMBA and Battle at the Bridge will allow NO EXCEPTIONS this year to that rule.
  • Players are to play on only ONE team in the tournament. Clubs with multiple teams or teams from different clubs cannot move players around from team to team within the same tournament weekend. If a special situation arises whereby a player must be called ‘up’ to play on another team, the Tournament Director must be contacted in advance.
  • Only players from the team’s official roster can play during the tournament. Team roster, with birth dates, to be made available upon request.
  • Zone defense is not permitted at any time. If a team uses a full-court zone-type press they must drop back into a man-to-man defense once the ball enters the frontcourt. If an official observes a team in a zone-type defense a bench warning will be issued. On the 2nd offense, a team Technical foul will be given. If two Technical fouls are given in any one game the coach will be removed from the gym for the duration of the game.
  • If a team is ahead by 15 points they must NOT press.   Please adjust your play should you have a skill advantage and find you are much stronger than your opponent.
  • MERCY RULE— If a team has a 20-point lead on their opponent, the scorekeepers will stop putting the score up on the clock. The actual score will still be recorded on paper and in the tournament standings.  As the losing team makes a basket the opponent’s score will be adjusted to show the lead at 20 points.
  • U11 divisions only
    •  Players will have the option to shoot free throws from 13 feet (two feet in from the standard free throw line). All other aspects of the foul shot are unchanged.
    • NO Full court press.
    • Please provide one person to assist with scorekeeping per team, per game
    • There will be 12-minute run time quarters. The clock will ONLY stop for fouls, timeouts, or if requested by the official.  There will be STOP time for the last 2 minutes of the game only. Any team found stalling or using unfair advantage of the clock during changes of possession will forfeit their possession to the other team.
  • Ice /Ice packs and First Aid are available at the scorekeeper’s table or through the LMBA Supervisor.
  • Any coach/player/fan ejected from a game will not be invited back to the facilities for the remainder of the tournament.